Back From The Dead? San Diego Rapper Green Eyes Emerges After Near Death Experience

If you’re a true Hip Hop fan of San Diego’s underground then you’ve heard of Green Eyes. If you haven’t one thing is for sure the Legend surrounding the Lincoln Park rapper is larger than life. One of the biggest Urban myths surrounding the San Diego music pioneer is that he’s actually dead. You can log on to YouTube and search San Diego hip hop Forums and find arguments based on this issue. The validity of the myth stems from a violent situation in which Green Eyes was kidnapped and shot point blank range in the head with a .45 caliber pistol. Being shot in the head would most definitely spell out the end for most careers and lives for that matter.


Before getting shot Green Eyes was a rising star in the Gangster Rap scene. He had everything you needed for success in the hip hop industry, talent, street credibility, and a larger than life persona. In his 1992 single “The Planet of South East” you get a slight introduction to life he was living as he describes escaping a federal indictment. In the early 90’s San Diego’s Gang culture was at an all time high. In one 12-month period 16 close friends of Green Eyes were systematically assassinated. Leaving him with an overwhelming feeling that his time was coming. Eventually that day came but thankfully he survived. Before his release from prison in 2007 then Green Eyes now known as King DAV$D renounced his former life as a Lincoln Park
Blood. Today David is still in the streets and going as hard as ever but instead of Gang Banging he’s going against the Gang Genocide and offering those stuck in that life hope and a chance to change.

KING DAV$D has a new album titled “And Then There Was War In Heaven” releasing June 10th via Rebel Genius Records Release Party at the World Beat Center in San Diego, performances by Mitchy Slick, john Givez, and Rp Tha Chozen 1.Stay up to date with KING DAV$D by visiting

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