Baby Gas Talks Being A Latin Rapper On The West Coast & More! | Exclusive

East Oakland’s Baby Gas started his rap journey at a ripe young age of 9. Now maturing into a well-developed artist at 22 years young.

The young Latin rap artist who was once previously managed by the Thizz Latin imprint. Being A Latino from the Bay Area with hometown musical influence and the nack for making something out the nothing. Collectively the emcee has garnished well over 2 million views with the release of his last two official videos, “30 On Me” and “Sons OF Illegals”, which are now available for viewing via Youtube. caught up with Baby Gas to Thizz Latin, Goldtoes, Working with Sacramento rap artist Mozzy, Organically reaching 1.5 million views with one video release, being a Latino rap artist in the Bay Area and more.

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