‘Babez’ The Man And Money Behind Tupac And Thug Life | DocHicksTv

As we know in Hip Hop there is normally one or two individuals that are behind the artist that starts or has The Upfront money and funding for the artist’s career to take off. In Tupac Shakur’s case, it was ‘Babez’ and ‘Man’. As noted in a Vladtv interview Big Syke (RIP) gave major props to babes stating that there would not be any thug life without this individual. After contacting Kufanya Gentry he got me in contact with his cousin Babez for an interview. We Discuss Tupac living in Marine City, his connection to Richmond CA, Tupac catching cases, Tupac as a person, his affiliation to the black panther party, funk flex and wack100 disrespect and A lot more so press play and check out this interview.

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