Apollo Brown & Philmore Greene Talk Cost Of Living, Career Similarities, Integrity & Much More.

Apollo and Philmore start off by sharing the similarities they having with their careers, the stories behind their names, Apollo’s first beat showcase which birthed his name, Philmore’s inspirations coming up in Chicago, Lo also asks Apollo what are the chances of doing a album with Bronze Nazareth & coming up with Bronze, La, Willie & more. How they came across eachother which eventually lead to their amazing album Cost Of Living. How the creation of this album went, the guest features, why Apollo didn’t put his fav beat on the project & keeping your integrity, family sitcoms (Apollo singing included) the cutting room floor process, how important your catalog of music is & much more and many laughs within this interview. Cost Of Living is out now, Philmore takes you on a cinematic experience in Chicago within 50mins with Apollo’s beautiful production backing it up! I advise everyone to support this album. Thank you again Apollo & Philmore y’all both welcome back anytime.

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