Anthony Danza Formally known as AD Releases His New Visual “The Lobby”

The Lobby is an abrasive rant to explain the mood I was in after I found out a very good friend had taken his own life. I had the me against the world rant pouring out of my body. At the same time as I was getting my feeling out of my body, I was also reflecting on the artist I have become today. The Lobby is a welcoming to my “building” love it or hate it.
“This is my Design, Welcome to The Lobby”

Anthony Danza born and raised in the Northwest is one of the most influential up and coming rappers in the Underground Rap scene. Launching his new campaign Anthony Danza will be sharing his new hip hop releases July 2015.

Formally known as AD, under the ProofAvenue Record Label, creating beats for some of the most well-known Bay Area & Underground rappers like Nipsey Hussle, San Quinn, Big K.R.I.T, Messy Marv, Nacho Picasso, Che Blaq, and Peta Tosh. Anthony Danza likes to look into the past for inspiration for his music, he incorporates real life events and personal experiences into his music to create a hot new hip hop feel.…

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