Animax Debuts Stick and Chick Hip-Hop Shooter Game on Mobile Devices

Emmy award-winning studio Animax Entertainment, released Stick and Chick, an epic hip-hop comedy shooter game featuring Stick, a revengeful stick figure on a rampage to rescue his girlfriend Chick from her thug of a brother, Thick. Stick is ready to use every weapon under the sun to fight through the gritty urban jungle in his quest to save his girl. This new indie game is available now globally in the Apple App Store and Google Play for free and at

In the new mobile game players take control of Stick in this retro arcade shooter style adventure to win back his girl Chick from her thuggish brother Thick. Stick and Chick are a hip-hop Romeo and Juliet, two stick figures from rival gangs on opposite sides of the animated tracks, just trying to find love. But to get his girl, Stick needs to battle thugs and ninjas through 10 action-packed levels full of testosterone throttling boss fights using an arsenal of guns and weapons that would make the NRA look like a bunny swaddling convention.

“Stick and Chick is a fun retrogame, like the 8-bit classic Operation Wolf, set in a modern, animated, hip-hop stickman game world,” said Leif Dahl, Animax Producer. “It’s super fast and challenging so get ready to tap at anything that moves, except for the civilians in the way.”

Stick and Chick key features include:

  • FIGHT your way through the gritty urban stick figure jungle plowing through anything in your way!
  • RESCUE CHICK, Stick’s hot as funk girl, from Thick, Chick’s thug of a brother whose dudes just want to cap your azz!
  • POWER UP with grenades and machine guns to take down helicopters, jacked up cars, gang members packing heat and ninjas! Freaking ninjas, dude!
  • PUMP UP the sick, original beatboxing soundtrack spit by a real life human! Straight up gangsta.
  • LAUGH YOUR AZZ OFF at the stupid funny stuff you gotta avoid to beat down Thick!
  • RUN THRU THE GRITTY CITY in a hand-drawn cartoon world in the ultimate street fighter battle ever!

The game was developed in-house by Animax using Corona SDK. Animax is also working with Iddiction and the Xplode platform for global marketing and distribution. There are also a couple of viral videos Animax produced to promote the game on YouTube.

Stick and Chick is available for free in the Apple’s iTunes App Store for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch devices and on Google Play for Android tablets and mobile phones. The game has a dedicated site at and social media accounts on Facebook andTwitter.

About Animax Entertainment
Animax Entertainment ( is a Los Angeles-based Emmy and Webby award-winning digital studio that makes games, apps, video and other fun stuff. It’s in-house team of designers, animators and engineers produce original multiplatform content as well as work with all of the largest entertainment studios. Animax recently worked on the game app for Paramount’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, Disney’s chart-topping Where’s My Water? 2 and the award-winning original indie game, Whispering Willows, now on Steam and OUYA.

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