Andre’ Truth Gives Behind the Scenes Glimpse Into Photoshoot for New Single

(Los Angeles, CA) May 16, 2018 – Rising rapper Andre’ Truth recently finished a photo shoot with Araya Diaz for new single “Ready to Smoke,” and shared a behind-the-scenes video that captures the build up for his arrival on the scene. Andre’, who moved to Los Angeles from Seattle where he made music under a different name, is slowly sharing his true identity with the world. And it’s clear from his newest song that there’s going to be even more to know about him than what we see in photos.

Andre’ Truth flexes from beat one on “Ready to Smoke,” over a magnetic track from Kansas City producer Mike Dupree (Kendrick Lamar, T.I., Trey Songz). He breaks down the rollercoaster of his relationship and the frustrations he can’t handle any more, stressing me/too much texting me/screening me with the third degree, and then comes into the dramatic hook slowly. André said the lyrical inspiration for the song came from “a true to life situation…another woman was texting me and my woman picked up my phone and read it.” In the hook for “Ready to Smoke,” all problems melt away for his girl when the weed gets rolled up. But since Andre’ Truth is known for speaking TRUTH, his song doesn’t let those problems go up in smoke quite so easily.

André (and his company KC3 Monumental) recently began a partnership with Cee Lo Green’s MotherShip Entertainment as well as Sony Music, and will be releasing a new collab single this summer called “Diablo”(Hood Desperado) which André says is “a blend of west coast perfectly fused with a Spanish twist, which has created a very new yet nostalgic sound.” André Truth is here to bring his “mature yet fresh” vibe to the world, and there’s a lot more realness on the way.
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