Andre Nickatina Returns After A 3-Year Hiatus With Pisces

Andre Nickatina hasn’t released a new album since 2014’s Cupid Got Bullets 4 Me, but that changes today with the release of his new 17-track album Pisces. The new release serves as the first album to drop on the freshly relaunched 75 Girls Records label since Nickatina took the helm in 2017. In case you forgot, 75 Girls is the famed Oakland label that brought us Too Short’s early classic material such as his albums Don’t Stop RappinPlayers, and Raw, Uncut and X-Rated as well as landmark records like “Blowjob Betty” and “Cocaine”. The label also worked with Rappin 4-Tay during the early years of his career, but went defunct around 1990.

01. Mac Dre Undefeated
02. The Mecca Dawn
03. Sugar Shane
04. 1st Time
05. 4 Y’all Junkies
06. Juices & Berries
07. Phat
08. Woooh
09. King Jack
10. Hozing (feat. Priscilla G)
11. Side Swipe Ya
12. If U C Me on IG
13. 90-25
14. Weed n Henny n Heaven
15. Talkin S**t n Johnny Rockets
16. Tip of the Blunt
17. Lost

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