Amina Buddafly Releases Mother!

Los Angeles) May 14, 2018 – Amina Buddafly, the German-Senegalese songstress with over 400 musical compositions plus reality TV fame, is releasing new video and album ‘Mother’ on Mother’s Day after a recent Los Angeles listening party delivered a glimpse into the touching topics covered in this new project. (CHECK OUT THE VIDEO FROM LISTENING PARTY BELOW)

Originally part of a sister-trio signed to Def Jam in 2013, Amina knew she was meant to be an artist even when her sisters returned to Germany. Amina stayed in New York and continued creating, eventually joining the cast of Love and Hip Hop with her husband, rapper Peter Gunz. But despite the public drama surrounding their controversial marriage and recent divorce, Amina Buddafly is bringing the focus to the realest part of her life: motherhood. ‘Mother’ is a testament to the ups and downs of raising children, and the meaningful journey that every mother will relate to. In the title-track video, Amina sings about the messages she is instilling in her daughters, they will know I ain’t never been weak, I am strong/they will know they belong, and asks all mothers to join her in seeing themselves as heroes. Amina says she wants this video and album to be “a celebration to moms all around the world, something that shows a mother’s strength and beauty,” and that’s exactly what she has created.


The ‘Mother’ album shares the evolution of Amina Buddafly over the years, from sultry singer to reality star, controversial wife to hard-working single mother. And even though the project focuses on motherhood, the stories Amina tells on the album talk about love, independence, and the personal growth that leads to happiness—things EVERYONE has a reason to explore.



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