Alaskans Demand Snoop Dogg Concert Now That They Legalized Weed

Back in September, Snoop Dogg promised the people Alaska that he would come to their snowy tundra and do a show if they voted yes on a ballot initiative that would legalize recreational marijuana.

“If we get y’all to vote yes on Proposition 2, Snoop Dogg is coming to Alaska to do a concert, a wellness retreat concert, and I’m bringing some of that California with me to celebrate,’ Snoop said during an episode of his Double G News webcast.

Last week, Alaska did became the fourth state, after Colorado, Oregon and Washington, to make weed legal. Alaska residents under 21 are now allowed to posses up to an ounce of cannabis and also grow limited amounts in private. So far, Snoop seems prepared to make good on his promise, retweeting this message from the Washington Post.


It will be 90 days before the new law takes effect, so Snoop doesn’t have have to go north just yet. When he does, he should probably heed the advice of everybody’s favorite movie drug dealer and “dress warm.”

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