Al Casino Releases The Visual For “Me and My Brodies”

(Bay Area, CA) – Come be a part of the next defining moment in Al Ca$ino’s skyrocketing career, with the release of  Al Ca$ino’s “Me and My Brodies.” The Bay Area native, is an up and coming emcee, producer, and owner of Westgate records/BRODIES Inc. The video for his new single was directed by Damien Sandoval(Jeremih, Bobby Brackins, E40 and More), with a backing track by Andreonthebeat, and mixed by the Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award winning super-producer Jared Lee Gosselin. 

“The reason why I wanted to drop this song first is to present something different representing my city besides club music. I feel we don’t have any Kendrick Lamar’s, Drake’s or J-Cole’s. Everything sounds the same. It’s time for a lyrical change and a  message change,” Al Ca$ino says.
This song brings to you a realistic and upfront view of the mind and life of Al Ca$ino. This track will resonate with people worldwide, and especially those in the Bay Area starving for fresh hip-hop artists. Casino say’s “We all strive to do better, not only for ourselves but for those we consider family”  Al Ca$ino’s efforts are clearly evident in this next step forward in an already notable career.

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