925Five Records 2nd Nature Drops “No Warning Shots”


It’s been two years since 925five Records rap superstar 2nd Nature released his first studio project “The Plug Pt.1” we are still waiting for “The Plug Pt.2” but until then He delivers us. –No Warning Shots

Out on Jan. 20 on 925five Recordings as an actual album instead of a mixtape, he recently revealed the tracklist. Featuring a star-studded lineup, including Montana Montana Montana, Sleep Dank,Tu Loon and others, the album is focused on bringing back the essence of his 10 Shells No Bail essence, which defined the genre of trap music through vivid storytelling about the struggle and triumph of the streets.

2nd Nature has already released tracks “Consistent Flex (Get Enough)” and “James Harden” featuring Yung Eliii. Continue scrolling to see the tracklist below:
Twitter: @2ndNature_101   @925fiveRecords
Instagram: 2ndNature100grams

1. Intro

2. Ride With a Stick

3. Consistent Flex (Get Enough) feat. Tu Loon & Trapping Ass Bash

4. 100 Thou feat. Montana Montana Montana & Dolla

5. 100 Round Drum skit

6.Drugs and Designer  feat. Sleep Dank

7. What it Do

8. Hard Work feat. Montana Montana Montana

9. James Harden feat. Yung Eliii

10.Glock 23

11.Function feat. Montana Montana Montana & Tu Loon

12. No Warning Shots Outro



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