50 Cent x Lil Durk + Quilly Drops Freestyle Mixtape

Philly’s own Quilly (formerly known as Quilly Millz) drops a new freestyle mixtape dubbed “Haines Street Hustler Six,” then killed the stage with Lil Durk! When Hip-Hop mastermind 50 Cent hit the stage with

? ?

Philly rapper Quilly? last week it opened a whole new door of opportunity and ambition.

?Above is the latest full freestyle mixtape with? new heat features from Spade-O, Mark Murrille, Vodka, PNB Rock, and Every Ave.


tapped the likes of Koach Bubb, J. Sparks, Digital Crates, Maaly Raw and Basic Beats for dope production, guaranteeing a hit project for street Hip-Hop lovers everywhere.

“Haines Street Hustler Six” Track List:


  1. Intro (prod. Koach Bubb)
  2. Bands (freestyle)
  3. Set it off (prod. Koach Bubb)
  4. Dope Man (prod. Koach Bubb)
  5. Monster (freestyle)
  6. Drive Thru (prod. Koach Bubb)
  7. Cars, Clothes, Rose Gold (prod. J.Sparks)
  8. Triple Beam (prod. J.Sparks)
  9. Letter to Haines Street (prod. Digital Crates)
  10. Blues Sea-feat. Vodka (prod. Maaly Raw)
  11. Careless-feat. Mark Murrille (prod. Basic Beats)
  12. A Long Way-feat. PNB Rock & Every Ave (prod. Basic Beats)
  13. Nervous (prod. Basic Beats)
  14. Philly Nigga-feat. Spade-O (prod. Koach Bubb)
  15. Money (prod. Koach Bubb)
  16. Never Runnin’ Outta Money (prod. Sap)
  17. So Thankful (prod. Koach Bubb)

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