50 Cent & French Montana Resume Feud

50 Cent claimed during an interview with Big Boy that French Montana played a hand in 50 getting his hands on footage of DJ Khaled’s mother and his houses in Atlanta during 50’s infamous feud with Khaled and Rick Ross. That interview seemed to spark another round of disses between Montana and 50 via Twitter.

“LMAO @FrencHMonTanA gonna find out what we already know. Puffy gonna run like a b!tch you on ya own boy,” 50 tweeted. “EIF gonna be to busy to shoot your little punk ass videos. I got him a movie over at [email protected] your out of ya league boy. SMS.”

Montana replied, “This wat happen when u wear jean shorts wit your knee cap showing lol Dunkeykong. if u really about Dat life lets drop our album da same day and see who sell more u had your turn old man.”

“How your sun burn doin from waitin in da desert for 12 hours lol,” he added.


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