5 BLOCK – From Hell to Hope

From the creators and production company (Los Feliz Films) of Hermanos Short Film, brings you 5 BLOCK.

5 BLOCK follows Jose Flores, a convicted criminal serving a life sentence, who, despite overwhelming challenges and adversity, discovers his inner strength and transforms into a beacon of hope and redemption for himself and others.

Dive deep into the reality of the US prison system with Jose Flores in 5 BLOCK. Experience a day in the life of an inmate, revealing the struggles, dreams, and strength within the prison walls. Get a raw and insightful perspective on incarceration from sunrise to sunset.

Directors Note:
While creating ‘5 Block,’ I witnessed the profound impact of positive programming in prisons and became more passionate than ever about bringing humanity to those seeking a second chance.

I believe the sharing of Jose “Hozer” Flores’s compelling journey with audiences is a narrative that can evoke and spark a much-needed conversation about the power of rehabilitation within our prison systems.

Jose and countless others have undergone incredible transformations, demonstrating the limitless potential that exists within each of us.
-Timur Bootzin

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