40 Glocc Details Fight With Game & Current State of Lawsuit

40 Glocc sat down with VladTV and explained his now infamous fight with Compton rapper Game, his definition of snitching, and the current state of his lawsuit against the “How We Do” rapper.

Game recently uploaded several photos to his Instagram account calling out 40 Glocc for suing him while claiming to be in court. One photo was a picture of 40 that Game claimed was recent, something 40 denies. He says he definitely wasn’t in court that day and that Game completely made that up to make the case seem bigger than it is. He says the lawsuit is not a case of snitching because there are no criminal charges being pressed and Game faces no jail time. 40 just wants the money he feels he rightfully deserves after being jumped and slandered with “a bunch of fake sh*t.”

Glocc admitted that Game had a gun to his head, while others, also armed, encouraged the rapper to shoot him. He then moved the gun from his head to his chest, all while 40 was trying to convince him to take his finger off the trigger so he wouldn’t accidentally pop him. Game attempted to hit him with the pistol, missed, and then several of his people began jumping 40 for about 20 minutes.


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