360 #6 Early Hip Hop & The 5% with Born King M Allah (Part 1)

Born King Mathematics Allah builds on being introduced to the 5% through HipHop and how the contributions of 5%’ers involved in HipHop directly tied into his growth and development as a God. 0:10 – Introduction + Todays Mathematics 0:37 – Malcolm X Hoodie & KRS ONE 1:15 – There would be no HipHop without the Gods 1:41 – Who is DJ Kool Herc 2:00 – Toasting; where Emceeing comes from 2:38 – DJ Kool Herc & the Gods 3:29 – The World Famous Supreme Team on the Radio 5:20 – The Era of Listening to Cassette Tapes 6:52 – Meeting Cee-Divine and documenting the History ALL MUSIC PRODUCED BY I POWER ALLAH (RAZ FRESCO) VIDEO EDITED BY I POWER ALLAH (RAZ FRESCO) Follow on IG @360byIPOWERALLAH

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