213 Zada – Astral Projecting (@213Zada)

Love is born in the heart. Love dies in the mind. The first single off of 213 Zada’s upcoming debut album, “I Love My Momma” is “Astral Projecting”, a nose dive deep into the mind of an old man. Lost in the hardships of dementia, his reality becomes blurrier; with a brief moment of clarity, loneliness is all that remains

From the West Adams district of Los Angeles, 213 Zada is a pure wordsmith, constantly striving for wisdom and knowledge. On a mission to bring intelligence back to hip-hop while raising up community, his debut full length album, dropping May 10th, is the culmination of five years of writing and recording. Through treacherous binges, profound laziness, wanton gluttony, and relentless cyber obsessions, music is unwavering salvation. This is fierce degenerate poetry.

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