Roc Marciano In-Depth Interview w/ Lord Jamar & Rah Digga ll Yanadameen Godcast Episode 11

In this special edition of the Yanadameen Godcast, Lord Jamar and Rah Digga have Skitzo on the panel alongside them as they interview the respected Long Island MC Roc Marciano. In this wide-ranging interview, Roc Marci discusses how he met Busta Rhymes and became part of the Flipmode Squad before making his own way as an independent artist/producer. Roc Marciano also talks about his favorite artists and influences, as well as sharing some of the more technical aspects of his artistry. Check out Roc Marciano on IG: @rocmarci and Twitter: @rocmarci



0:00 – 4:18 Intro + Today’s mathematics
4:18 Rah Digga on the Queens of Hip Hop concert
6:14 Viewer’s comments – Rah Digga is the Queen of viewer’s hearts
9:00 Remembering Craig Mack, Stephen Hawking, and Allah Real
14:57 Is high rate of heart disease amongst relatively young black men alarming?
16:20 Lord Jamar’s comments on female MCs/rappers revisited
23:45 Conscious Cartoon (
27:28 Get Your Merchandise @
27:59 Guest interview – ROC MARCIANO
29:14 How do you feel about female rappers?
30:04 If you were stuck on an island for a year, which 3 female rappers would you pick to listen to?
30:46 The Roc Marci history
33:34 How Roc Marciano connected with Busta Rhymes and Flipmode Squad
34:38 Rah Digga’s memory of Roc Marci leaving Flipmode vs what REALLY happened
36:01 How long were you with Flipmode?
38:51 Lord Jamar’s introduction to Roc Marciano’s music
40:34 Roc Marci had encouraged Rah Digga to go indie and why she didn’t follow through
41:40 Did you ever have times that you wanted to get back on a major label?
42:18 What made you go independent in the first place?
44:59 How many projects have you had since going indie?
45:29 Talk about the style and look of your videos
46:45 What star sign are you?
46:57 Roc Marciano on setting the price point of his music
48:11 Are you a good cook – there are a lot of food references in your music
48:58 What advice can you give an independent artist/producer who wants to avoid label politics but be successful?
50:00 How do you approach sequencing on your album? What is your sequencing method?
52:28 What song on this album “RR2 – the Bitter Dose” was just for you to do what you wanted to do?
53:30 As a producer, what instrument do you like to use to make beats?
55:19 Who are some of your favorite artists (of all-time)?
57:32 Interview outro
59:30 Outro

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