Bay Area Rap Legends The Luniz Are Back with New Album

Bay Area Rap Legends Luniz (Yukmouth & Numskull) return with a phenomenal new album. Featuring special guest appearances by Oakland Hyphy superstar Mistah FAB and Atlanta’s Hippy Creed.

You can cop the new album when it drops March, 30th 2018!

01. Linno The Winno (Intro)
02. No Pressure Ft. Hippy Creed
03. Let Us Through The Doe Ft. D-Fuller
04. One Nation Ft.Noble
05. You Are Not What You Think You Are Ft. 4Rax
06. Keep It Moving
07. Linno The Winno (Intermission)
08. I’m Alright Bruh
09. Leggo
10. Party Like Prince Will Ft. Farisha
11. Don’t Play Ft. Rajeo
12. Surrounded by Warriors Ft Mistah FAB
13. Gang Gang Ft. K J King & D-Fuller

Heres the behind the scenes for the first single and video.

Surrounded By Warriors music video

Oakland rap duo Luniz, original named Luni Tunz, consisted of Yukmouth and Numskull, two friends who knew each other since junior high. The duo gained fame after six years together when they appeared on Dru Down’s Explicit Game album. Their debut album, Operation Stackola. featuring the smash hit single “I Got 5 on It,” The album’s lyrics took novel, comic approaches to sex, drugs, and everyday occurrences.

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