Video of Killa Tay getting punked

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smoking meth with steve
Mar 14, 2004
What does Tay gain by smashin on some buster? Muthaphuka look like he got aids. He said himself he has no car. That's just dumb shit. Especially on camera...
You cats don't get it!! We just find it funny how big bad Tay talks on here like he's a untouchable mob boss and how he's going to beat up everyone on here that talked shit!! and some skinny senior citizen gets in his face talking all kinds of shit and Tay does nothing!!
May 27, 2006
The other videos that the crack head confronts people they all run from him, but Tay is the only one that didn't run, so he at least gets some credibility, it looked like Tayvy Crockett was ready to fight and maybe was waiting for the first swing.
Yup. I'm sure the crackhead would've pimp slap'd awax knowing he is easily stronger but didn't do so with tay afraid he might get whooped.