Tha Jacka died last night. RIP

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Didn't know about the one wit diggs. Mob jr I believe is a cousin of Jacka's.
there was actually a thread on here with a list of jackas last upcoming albums (what happened to that thread?) thats when i first heard of it someone mentioned it on there. Then i checked diggs twitter at the time and he posted official it was happening but itd take awhile and to be patient for it to be put out. I couldnt find the link to where he said that on twitter but
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Feb 16, 2006
youre talkin bout this thread i think

I remember the way the sicc was telling it WHTTW was the worst album ever, jacka flow was lazy, and anybody in his camp was garbage. So I lagged on it, same with joe blow albums "jacka jr garbage, mastering like mac does prison recordings but worse, blow needs to try harder" lol.
i remember this too. hella cats dont like blow lol most of the people here that hate on bay rap are listening to trendy rap like future and all that auto tune bullshit & drill rap.


i actually dont think that ones it I remember the post was strictly about unreleased jacka colab albums, anyone else recall this or am I just trippin?