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Jul 16, 2008
Politics??? Man Kansas City has been fiending for that album for a minute, but it's good you still putting out raw shit in the midst of yo trouble.
Oct 15, 2004
appreciate the feedbacc... and when I say politics I didn't intend on it to come across as negative as it might've

the release date is held up but the overall postponement is a good thing for the "big picture"

I hate to come of too mysterious but there's still a lot that has to get done as far my original shit and I'd just rather not speak on it untiill its 100 ... tryna go to the moon widit

but the features are : Rondoe, Devi, Ricc R.A.W. , Young Fate, Reece Loc, G Field, Young Dope, Duke, Bre

I stayed in the neighborhood with this one
Nov 19, 2008
ALSO - Be sure to check out right now for the video of Stik Figa accepting his Pitch Music Award for best hip hop/rap with Ron Ron, Greg Enemy and co. at the podium with him.

Shout out to Johnny Quest on the video. He had some footage of Ron and Stik performing at the Awards show earlier in the night, but it didn't turn out I guess.

But yea, shout out to Quest!
Oct 2, 2006
Hey Ron Ron can explain what your current label situation is? After all these times I've filmed you at shows and around KC I've never gotten the real story are you signed to Illimaf Ent. or are you with Brainiak Muzik? I've heard different stories so I figured asking you would be the best way to go about it.
Oct 15, 2004
yeah I'm not technically signed to illamaf but I have a real tite connection with Walt...I am goin to do at least one project with him but its depends on my situation with my other label of which the vice president passed away Sunday R.I.P. Gary Ivey

It's kinda complicated but simple too

I am Brainiak Muzik...I started it so that's always what it is... for here on out...anything else is just a good relationship and/or good business arrangement

Shout to Illamaf, Lanndmark, Van Brundt Ent., Major Factor and SSP

I work closely wit all of them and hope to continue goal is to help push my city the best way I know how

I hope that clears it up a little for you
Aug 22, 2005
Man my girl was watching real chance of love on Vh1 and she saw a commercial for Ron's new shit he is going to have a signing at Seventh Heaven Sept 11 from 2:00pm untill 5:30Don't quote me on the times! I got all ron's shit that dude is yet to disappoint.. I GO

Seventh Heaven
(816) 361-9555
7621 Troost Ave,
Kansas City, MO