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The Milk Man
Sep 6, 2010
Does any one have the Street Kingz original album Crown Gang Fam? From 2006.. cant get it any more the two brothers that were rappers got bumped by the Feds and are gone for 25 plus.. Their from Minneapolis, can any one help me out? My copies too scratched to play and cant find their stuff ne where..


Sep 19, 2010
Can someone upload Don Qualo's album. Im not 100% Sure if thats his name though. Hes on track 10 "shoot up the party" off of miz from assasinz - population zero.

People can throw out requests, but i would be a lot more motivated to upload if someone posts the album im requesting... thanks, heres my list

211 - Hustlin' Pays Da Bills

3mk - Kill Em Dead
3mk - Lock Em Down Compilation

3x Krazy - Immortalized
3x Krazy - Stackin' Chips

708 - Eternal Darkness

812 Souljaz - Four Corner Hustlers

Assassin - Born To Tha Game

B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta - Real Brothas

Bizzy Bone - Alpha & Omega
Bizzy Bone - Heaven'z Movie
Bizzy Bone - Presents - For The Fans
Bizzy Bone - Presents - For The Fans II
Bizzy Bone - Speaking In Tongues
Bizzy Bone - The Beginning & The End
Bizzy Bone - The Gift
Bizzy Bone - Thugs Revenge

Black Mophia Clan - Different Page, New Chapter

Blaze -

B-Legit - Tryin' To Get A Buck

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Art Of War
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Behind The Harmony
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Bone 4 Life
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Bone Enterprise - Faces Of Death
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Creepin On Ah Come Up
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - E.1999 Eternal
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Thug World Order

Bootleg - Death Before Dishonesty
Bootleg - Hated By Many Loved By Few
Bootleg - The Product

Brotha Lynch and Tell Cann G - Present - Uthanizm
Brotha Lynch Hung - Loaded
Brotha Lynch Hung - Season Of Da Siccness
Brotha Lynch Hung & C-Bo - Blocc Movement
Brotha Lynch Hung - Presents - Suspicion Trigganometry
Brotha Lynch Hung - 24 Deep

Busdriver - Temporary Forever

C-9 - Lyrical Legend

C-Bo - The Greatest Hits
C-Bo - Enemy Of The State

C.O.G. - Children Of Da Ghetto

Cap One - Holywater

Cap-1 - Break Bread Vol.1
Cap-1 - Through The Eyes Of A Don
Cap-1 - Theory Of Life

CCG - Only Game In Town

Celly Cel - Tha G' Filez

Chamillionaire - The Mixtape Messiah
Chamillionaire - Tippin Down

Court Dog - Kansas City Chief
Court Dog - Pullin' Rank
Court Dog - Thugz Diary

Crime Boss - All In The Game (Fixed Tracklist)

Crucial Conflict - Crucial Timez EP
Crucial Conflict - Good Side Bad Side
Crucial Conflict - Illegal Street Mix Tape
Crucial Conflict - The Final Tic
Crucial Conflict - Presents - Buckwild Records - The Call Of The Wild

Crytical - Crytical Condition

Cuban Link - Broken Chains Vol.1 [Directed By Dren Starr]
Cuban Link - Broken Chains Vol.2
Cuban Link - Chain Reaction
Cuban Link - ManOnFire Mixtape

D-Fly - Redrum

D-Loc & Dalima - Gillhead Structure
D-Loc & Dalima - Tech N9ne Introduces Da Hooligans

D-Rock - DTM

Da Reapa - Consquences And Reapacussions

Dawreck - Dark City

Dayton Family - Family Feud
Dayton Family - FBI
Dayton Family - Welcome To The Dopehouse
Dayton Family - What's On My Mind

Deadly Deuce - Creeping Thru The Fog

Dividenz - Hollow Point Lyrics

Do Or Die - Back 2 The Game
Do Or Die - D.O.D.
Do Or Die - Pimpin' Aint Dead
Do Or Die - Picture This
Do Or Die - Headz Or Tailz
Do Or Die - No Love [Unreleased, Rare Tracks]
Do Or Die - Fallin' In Love With The Game

Don Juan - For Triple Life

Dosja - Waiting To Inhale

Dougie D - Grown Man Shit
Dougie D - Go Hard or Go Home

DramaWard - Hell Done Froze Ova

E.C Illa - White Folks - Underground Classics
E.C Illa - EC Illa - Whitefolks
E.C Illa - Codez & Creedz The Mixtape

Evil Pimp - Slaughter Houze Records- Krucifix Klan - Krucifix Klan - Greatest Hits
Evil Pimp - Da Exorcist Returns
Evil Pimp - Speak No Evil

Father Tyme - Mixtape 2

Filero & X-Ray - Bring It To Tha Table

Flesh-N-Bone - 5th Dog Let Loose
Flesh-N-Bone - T.H.U.G.S. (Trues Humbly United Gatherin Souls)

G Spot & Mike Love - Midwest Invasion Part 2

Gambino Family - Ghetto Organized

Gangsta Pat - #1 Suspect
Gangsta Pat - Da Dro
Gangsta Pat - Deadly Verses
Gangsta Pat - Homicidal Lifestyle
Gangsta Pat - Return Of The #1 Suspect
Gangsta Pat - Sex, Money & Murder
Gangsta Pat - Show Ya Grill
Gangsta Pat - Tear Yo Club Down
Gangsta Pat - The Story Of My Life

Graveyard Soldjas - Day Of Execution

Guerilla Maab - Resurrected
Guerilla Maab - Rise
Guerilla Maab - Year Of The Underdawgs

Hellborn - Hellborn

Hollow Tip - Ghetto Famous

Hurricane - Sounds From Tha Undaground

Immortal Technique - The Silenced Revolution

J.D Walker - Bogus Bangin'
J.D Walker - The Career Criminal

Jah Rista - My Rage My Wrath

Jake The Flake - Mr.Jakkavella Vol.1
Jake The Flake - Out 2 Get Rich

Johnny P - Greatest Hits Vol.1

J-Roc - On My Mind
J-Roc - J-Roc
J-Roc - Last Days Perilous Times

Jurasicc 5 - Power In Numbers

Kalifhaa - Itizwhatitiz Volume 1

Kane & Abel - Most Wanted

K'naan - The Dusty Foot Philosopher

Komain - Livewire

K-OS - Joyful Rebellion

Krayzie Bone - Gemini Good Vs. Evil
Krayzie Bone - Thugline - Unreleased
Krayzie Bone - Too Raw For Retail
Krayzie Bone & Chamillionaire - Ridin - Promo CD
Krayzie Bone - Leatha Face - The Legends Underground (Part 1)
Krayzie Bone - Thug Mentality 1999

K-Rino - Danger Zone
K-Rino & Spc - Family Bizness
K-Rino - Worst Rapper Alive

K-Rock - K Rock The World
K-Rock - Presents - Dosha Smoke Ridaz

Layzie Bone - Its Not A Game
Layzie Bone & Bizzy Bone - Bone Brothers

Legit Ballaz - Respect The Game

Lejo - From The Mind Of A Master
Lejo - Settin' Up Shop

Lil 1/2 Dead - The Dead Has Arisen

Lil Reap - Reapercussions

Lil Tec - Shut'em Down

Lil Witness - Beside Myself
Lil Witness - Real Life's Not Fake

Lyrikal Warfare - Its On Now
Lyrikal Warfare - The Self-Titled LP
Lyrikal Warfare - Wargames
Lyrikal Warfare - Articles Of War Revisited
Lyrikal Warfare - STL's Underground Kingz

Macc James - Presents - Chop It Up (Collectors Edition)

Manson Family - Heltah Skeltah

MCG'z - 53 Chambers Of Danger
MCG'z - Da Slumpin'
MCG'z - Second Comin'

Mike J - 2 Sided Game

Mike Love & G Spot - Midwest Invasion Part.2

Miz - Of Assassinz - Population Zero

Mr. Shadow - Born Without A Konscience

Mystikal - Mind Of Mystikal

O.Z. - 187 Humbolt

P Family Records - Presents - Nazty North

Pimp C - The Sweet James Jones Stories

Poetic Hustlaz - Trialz And Tribulationz

Poetic Vandalz - Fastest Tongues Down South
Poetic Vandalz - On Top Of Thangs

Psychodrama - Greatest Hits Vol.1
Psychodrama - Panic Mixtape
Psychodrama - Time Vs Life The Never Ending Story
Psychodrama - Do What Cha Wanna Do

QN5 - Asterisk Vol.1

Quarta Ounce - Lime Green

Red Head Steve - Redrum

Rigamortiz - Day Dreaming

Rip & Pr Thug - Comin' Up In Da Game

Royce Da 5'9" - Independent's Day

Sandman - King Of Hallucinations
Sandman - Lifestyle Records Presents - Let It Be Known
Sandman - No Secrets, No Lies

Shoestring - Cross Addicted
Shoestring - Representin' Till The World Ends

Skanbino Mob - Mob Affiliated 1

SLC (Street Life Cartel) - Realer Than Real
SLC (Street Life Cartel) - Welcome To The Life

Smoke - Show No Mercy

Snypaz - Livin' In The Scope
Snypaz - My Life As A Snypa
Snypaz - Servin Niggaz Young-Player-Ass Zhit

So Solid Crew - They Don't Know

Soundmaster T & Jah Rista - Redemption

Spice 1 - Immortalized
Spice 1 - Spiceberg Slim
Spice 1 - The Truth
Spice 1 - Who Can I Trust

Tech N9ne - Celcius
Tech N9ne - Vintage Tech (Advance)

The Assassinz - Missing III

The Click - Game Related

The Grind Family - In The Grind We Trust Vol.1
The Grind Family - In The Grind We Trust Vol.2
The Grind Family - Don't Fuck With The Grind
The Grind Family - On Tha Grind
The Grind Family - So Many Problems...So Much Pain

Tha Rellez - Soul Searchin
Tha Rellez - The R.E.B.I.R.T.H.

The Half Dead Organization - The Half Dead Organization

The Legendary Traxter - All Hell Breaks Loose

The R.I.P Records Family - The Bootleg Album

T-Nutty - The Last Of The Flo Heakinz
T-Nutty & NoLove - Presents - Lyrical Octane

Tommy Wright III - Feel Me Before They Kill Me
Tommy Wright III - On The Run

Tonedeff - Hyphen
Tonedeff - Underscore

Trae - Drama
Trae - Later Dayz
Trae - Losing Composure
Trae - Same Thing Different Day

Tre-8 - Ghetto Stories

Tre Sins - City Of Sin
Tre Sins - Sin It Up

Trigga - One Man Struggle

Triple Darkness - Greatest Hits
Triple Darkness - Comin' Up From Da Darkness

T-Rock - Conspiracy Theory
T-Rock - Da Cleanup Project
T-Rock - Mr. Washington Story
T-Rock - Rock Solid 2003
T-Rock - The Lost Chronicles [Etched In Stone Vol.1]
T-Rock - The Myth Of Reality
T-Rock & Area 51 - Slang And Serve Mixtape Vol.1
T-Rock - Underground Recordings Bootleg

Twista - Resurrection
Twista - Adrenaline Rush
Twista - Non Stop Exclusives Unreleased Classics
Twista - The Day After
Twista And The Speedknot Mobstaz - Mobstability
Twista - Presents - The Depths Of The Underground - Niccademus
Twista - Presents - New Testament 2K Street Scriptures

U-Dawg - Twistin Talez From Da Darkside

VA - Earchild Productions - The Handbook
VA - Live Or Die In G.I. (Indiana Rare)
VA - Chi Bangin Vol.1
VA - Midwest Mobstaz Vol.1
VA - Midwest Mobstaz Vol.2
VA - Midwest Mobstaz Vol.3
VA - Midwest Mobstaz Vol.4
VA - Northwest Indiana's Finest Vol.1
VA - Midwest Mayhem
VA - Chi Bangin Vol.1
VA - The Wicked Midwest Compilation Vol.1
VA - The Wicked Streets Of Chi First Episode
VA - The Midwest Gatekeepers - The North-South G.I. Compilation Vol. 1

X-Raided - The Unforgiven Vol.1
X-Raided - X-Files Vol.2 - Unforgiven With A Vengeance
X-Raided & Kingpin - City Of Kings - The Sac-A-Indo Project

Young Blaze - The Mixtape Vol.1

Young Droop - 1990 Hate
Young Droop - Killa Valley Moment Of Impakt

Young Dru - Flame Spitter

Young Lay - Dont Get It Twisted

Young Mecca - Dirty Midwest

Yukmouth - Thugged Out The Albulation

Z-Ro & Lil Flip - Kings Of The South
Z-Ro & Trae - ABN - Assholes By Nature
Z-Ro - Crusin Ridgemont
Z-Ro - Gangstafied
Z-Ro - Screwed Up Click Representa
Z-Ro - King Of Da Ghetto
Z-Ro - Thugged Nigga
Z-Ro - Z-Ro
Z-Ro - Life
Z-Ro - Let The Truth Be Told
Z-Ro - Look What You Did To Me
Z-Ro - Presents - A Bad Azz Mixtape
Z-Ro - The Life Of Joseph W. Mcvey
Z-Ro - Z-Ro And Friends
Z-Ro - Z-Ro Tolerance
Z-Ro - Z-Ro Vs. The World
EVERYTHING you posted none are rare and they are all too easy to get, you must not know how to DIG!!! wow are you a noob?:confused:
Apr 24, 2003
Kansas City, MO