PJ Harvey

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Sicc OG
Apr 25, 2002
This is a comment / question. I heared alot of good things about PJ Harvey and I picked up her album 'Stories from the city- stories from the Sea'. And fuck...it's already one of my favourite albums of all time. I got it right before I spent a couple weeks in Australia and listened to it the whole time, and it's gonna always hold a special place with me - I can listen to the opener 'Big Exit' a million times, and it will still give me 'that feeling' that music can provide, but rarely does. Suprisingly, I haven't yet delved into the rest of her work. So, who else thinks this album is incredible and if anyone is into her...what should I buy next ?
Check out this album if you haven't heared it.
Jan 9, 2004
She always comes with a different sound. Truly talented artist. I caught her show last night here in San Diego. Even though she only played from her last CD which is a collab with John Parish and a much older album they did together, she delivered a dam good performance. Catch her if you can, she rarely tours the U.S.