Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

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Mar 2, 2006
FREDDIE GIBBS - Live From Gary, Indiana

You need this mixtape in your life, people!!! And this shit isnt just like every other mixtape you've heard. There's actual songs on here, not just some incoherent rambling for 100s of bars and fake tales which you know just aren't true. This is that good, quality gangster shit that hip hop has been lacking recently. No fake shit, 100% authentic. Straight midwest gutter.

Oh, and please leave a comment if you do download the mixtape to keep this post going...

Hope ya'll enjoy...


1. Live From Gary, Indiana (produced by Finger Roll)
2. Keep It Pimpin (produced by Megahertz)
3. The Girls Love It
4. Give It To Em (produced by Megahertz)
5. Games You Playin (produced by Red Spyda)
6. I'm A Ridah
7. Hoes Betta Recognize w/Turtle Banxx (produced by Finger Roll)
8. Hard Times (produced by Red Spyda)
9. Straight Ballin
10. Drugs
11. Wheelin' And Squealin' (Skit)
12. Scary Gary
13. Things You Do Today
14. Doin Dumb Shit
15. Respect My G
16. Outro
17. I'm Back
Apr 25, 2002
This artist is very talented, if these beats are original and not just stupid ass industry beats, I'm sure you won't regret this download. Can't wait to check it out.