East Bay Nortenos

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Sep 24, 2006
What are you suggesting one do in a predicament like this? What would you do?

Every situation is different, if u wanna run up on 10 cats go ahead instead of coming bk here to report what u seen. Guce using the word scrap and and mentioning white people as an enemy despite the best Homeboy rapper was white is just laughable, so im letting the Lil dude know relax off all that homeboyz aint do shit in SJ, or whatever Homeboy bizz he yappin bout. Save that for Flame to about
May 17, 2006
M @MIGGZILLA24 would have hopped out the ride on some super-norte terminator type hype & been like "hasta la vista, baby" & terminated them cockroaches mayne... super hyphy my ni**a, gold grill cornrows & all. Extra extra tall crisp fresh white T flappin in the wind like a super hero cape.

"super norte terminator" bahahahahhaha. oh man that should be a song