Contest!!!! Free Ticcets!!!!!!! Free Give Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Apr 29, 2006
Wuttup! It's ya 6oy T yet again! I seem to 6e makin this a regular ha6it, just so damn much goin on I gotta to keep ya'll up on it! Anyways.... I just got 6acc from a meeting with F.L.O. of 3/C Entertainment. I copped two hot new 6eats from him and just so happened to get a couple of XXXTRA ticcets to tha May 26th. Show Listed up in live dates. So I'ma hold a contest! Contest??? That's right, I'ma GIVE AWAY 1 pair of free ticcets to tha winner....

Contest is simple, we need help gettin out the word around our area and the rest of tha country So.... You guys show us your luv here at Family Biznis by Promoting us in new, original, extreme ways or just any way at all really... Make a flyer a tape it to a wall somewhere , tag a building, steal a billboard and cover it with Family Biznis Entertainment *Hint, Hint* Send us a picture in gif or jpeg file format to [email protected] and our staff will sort through the pics the best and most original and/or extreme one wins! That simple.

What you will win, TWO free ticcets to tha final round of Tell It 2 Da Mic! There will 6e performances by F.L.O. himself, Freelanze of Lawrence Kansas, Renegades winners of round 1, and Kansas City's own X-ta-C. These ticcets are normally $10.00 a piece 6ut your gettin 2 for free! That's not all! You'll also get a voucher for a free autographed copy of "PRIME CUTZ" when it drops this Octo6er, another $10.00 value, and I'll throw in advanced copy of the mixtape that will come with your copy of "PRIME CUTZ" in Octo6er! The Mixtape is another $10.00 value and will only 6e availa6le in full here in KC area.... And a few surrounding states possi6ly. Not Nationally! $40.00 Value for free! Plus Your picture if selected will 6e immortalized on this site, family 6iznis' myspace and our sound cliccs! Along with our actual we6sites when launched this summer!

If you do not live in area I will mail you ticcets and it will 6e up to you what you do with them. If you are in area meet up with us at venue to claim ticcets! Make sure you are in the photos so we can see who you are! All entriez must reach us 6y May 16th!