Apt.3/DNA BARS Awards pics

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Apr 26, 2002
Damn Gabe if i didnt see ur Pics, i wouldnt have known a few people were there, thats Crazy Rich got there before me, and they didnt wanna let me backstage to even say whats up to him, So I got back there said whats up and went to my seat where i couldnt find, so we stood on the side of the stage all nite i talked To Herm Lew ( he actually pulled me back stage) But yeah you cant blame Booyowski he put alot of work into this event Niggaz will be Niggaz man bottom line is WE ARE NOT READY FOR AN AWARD SHOW! We arent together and WE arent doing anything to get an award for anyway we are in last place in the industry w/ alot of work to do..
Apr 25, 2002
man who remembers the good old days with the siccness tours & bbq and frisco street show autograph signings. 2001-2003 i believe
Aug 24, 2006
illmannered666 said:
Nope. Some people fucked it up for us. The folks that fucked it up, fucked off the Cougnut tribute and they should all get shivs in the ass for that. That's just me though
damn no cougnut tribute huh. shits depressing. next BARS awards is proabably gonna be INVITE ONLY or something if they ahve a next one
Aug 23, 2002
illmannered666 said:
BellBoy - should be out real soon, the album has been done for a minute, I think they just needed to work out proper distribution and last I heard, they took care of it.

Thanks 4 the info gabe. I heard some of the album, and man it is classic udi shit.