Anyone over the age of 12 still listen to punk?

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Dec 25, 2003
Syk0tic said:
Misfits are good, but all the bands who try to sound like them fail.
Hell Yeah!!! The Misfits were the sh!t back in the days!!!

Until this day, they are a major cult/novelty group; & that's why many other bands tried their luck to bite their style so they can blow up but just couldn't flow it......

Dec 25, 2003
gut_instinct said:
@ White Devil again:

The Sick are tight! Hell yeah!
The Sick are a fuckin incredible band.

I saw my first Sick show in a Starter Jacket with some Filas and a 9er jersey and braids and everyone in there showed me nothing but love. That actually got me into all sorts of different types of music in the first place.

Their albums are solid as fuck and good ass music on its own, but seeing them live is just like another ten notches up.

After like 2 shows I was kickin it with the band, moving equipment, choppin up wit em and shit. They are some real ass people.

But fuck all that bullshit their music is tight.
Jan 28, 2005
Bad Brains are recording a new album. They're the fucking greatest. I dont listen to much punk rock anymore, but I still have my leather jacket that I wear when it's cold. Against Me! is a pretty good band. They're not really "punk", but they're obviously influenced by the music. Iggy and the Stooges are someone who I still listen to often though. The Unseen are good. I listen to a lot of good punk. Propagandhi. I think Rancid are also recording a new one. I cant remember if when I read it it was just bullshit or not. It's getting too commercialized though. I dont like being grouped with 'scene' kids or whatever.

As far as the scene itself goes, most all the good bands have good fans who want to do nothing but spread the word. Punk kids are mostly really good people. Unity is a common denominator in ethics. This one time though, I was at a local show of a band that I knew. I knew all the guys playing on stage, and I liked a few of their songs. I was wearing my Detroit hat, some baggy polo Jeans, clean ass adidas, and a 2XL button down. Im looking around this skate park with all these kids trying to go out of their way to dress and look "punk" and seperate themselves from everyone but everyone else, and I start moshing because they're pussies. The music has good energy, so I just start going off you know? Then I got bumrushed from behind by these two skinhead motherfuckers and endded up bleeding on my jeans and shit. So I get up trying to figure out who hit me so hard to knock me down.. and I see these bastards leaving the skate park in a hurry.

So you kind of have to watch out for stupid fuckin skinheads. I hate them.