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    Bleezo Da Protocal Thread

    I appreciate the patience and support homie real talk and I hope that y'all enjoy the project and nah Lynch didn't get his verse turnt in on time but that my big bro so he'll be on the next one for sure he's been dumb ass busy lately so it is what it is but everybody else on the project gassed...
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    Yeah that'll be real big my nigg.Whats good Tay what Cway gotta do to get u on some shit.
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    Big Nolove,Bleezo and Koolaide on A trak wit E40

    Just keepin the siccness up on game. Big Nolove,Bleezo and Koolaide of Cway Muzicc just laid a trak with the Infamous E40 fonzerelli for the Gift to Gas comp so stay on the look out.:siccness: