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  1. vro

    Original yoc influenced cassette for sale

    i have a yoc influenced cassette in good condition in the case and everything. i am looking to sell this as this kind of stuff is not as appealing to me now as it was when i was a teen, i guess thats part of growing up. i dont have a price for it right now but i want to see what you people would...
  2. vro

    what happened to h2oonlinestore?

    i remember getting some stuff from them like 5 years ago. what happened to it? everything i have from them is so worn out i need new stuff. they had the best shit ive ever seen!!!!!
  3. vro

    woodie influenced by totally insane? look at the similarity in this with the beat thats in fuckin with a playa. he used the start of the second verse in "i dont even trip" on the streets are callin me. did he ever mention any thing about this?