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    Good KC classics

    Im wondering if anyone can tell me some good classic cds that have came out. I heard like Hobo Tone but I don't know what cds are good. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Anybody got the new Devin?

    I just picked it up. Different sound from his last album but I do like it. You can't hate the guys music. He has alot of songs for ladies on this one but I still like it. Can't wait for his next one. Just one question though where is the Odd Squad on this one?
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    K-Rino Question

    I wanted to know what cd that song The One is from if anyone can help me. Thanks.
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    Are Tech old albums before Strange still being manufactured?

    Well I got the worst 2k and Calm Before tha storm. Wanted to get several copies of them and the original the worst. Does anyone know if they still like actually manufacture them or is it just some floating around on the internet
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    Chrome Plated Woman

    Anyone know where to grab one of these? Fixin up my lac and need this shit.
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    What songs is Tech performing on Tour right now?

    Or does it vary?
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    Clout Nine?

    What happen to this guy. Picked up his cd for 2 bucks off amazon just to have the original cd cuz it got Tech on it. Building a collection of old underground cds from everywhere.
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    TRAE The Truth Official Thread

    Been hopin for some new shit. Always badass cover's from Mike Frost. If Q-Stone is doing more production on it that is always good. no release date.
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    Anyone ever asked Tech if he would do a Stamina 2?

    Or like some people have stated before in the past like a song called answers to his old song questions. I wish he would redo the bass on Be Warned it doesnt sound nice but shit it still goes hard.
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    Are Z-Ro and Trae Beefin? (someone please give me facts)

    My friend tells me that they are beefin cuz a song he got of Ro dissin on Trae. I told him why would they be beefin and making a cd together (the new ABN) plus Z-Ro has recorded with so many different studios they can release a track tomorrow and say its new but in reality was recorded 2 years...
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    What Slim Thug up to?

    Anyone know if he releasing any new shit? What happened to Boss Basics 2 and Boss Of All Bosses?
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    Question of a Fat Pat song.

    On that new Chingo Bling CD he has Fat Pat on the hook saying somethin like "be all together its a southside thang I be down in my Lincoln my nuts gon hang" anyone know where he got that sample from?
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    Did Trae get pushed back again?

    I'm reading on CD sites that its coming out on 10/23/07 now. Can anyone clear this up for me?
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    What the hell is Z-Ro doin now?

    I heard hes still doin shows but is he gonna come out with anymore shit or what?