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    what eazy e song is this and what cd is it from

    "its the end of the world and still niggaz aint got no satisfaction,..cuz im known as a G,and im comin from the cpt...wet em up wet em up wet em up" man that shit stuck in my head please help me out
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    i cant stop bumping pshyco active

    man i found this cd in my stash and almost did a damn for being hella old that cd is classic ass gangsta shit for reals..they need to repress that shit back up for still shootin muthafuckas hard as fuck.. FREE X RAIDED
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    elder scrolls help

    ok im in paradise and i have to get the amulent from the dude..ok when i get to him i can never beat this foo.i fucked his ass up with a staff like his drops and right when it gets hella low it recharges or somethin,this dude seems impossible to beat when he keeps summoning hella fools comin...
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    whatever happened to j hype??

    they was promotin his cd pretty tuff, the cover was dope"about my thizzness" then the muthafucka never dropped..sup wid it they dont even mention dude or nothin now what happened?
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    looking for fully loaded cd

    16's wit me" man that cd was tight as fuck does any1 have this please get me asap..i dont care if its a cd-r i need it..
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    metro pcs camera phone for sale..

    it aint new but its decent and you cant beat it for 50 bucks when they cost $179 so holla back i got 2 of em..
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    copped these og dvds..

    clockers in too deep new jersy drive hoodlum south central any other related flicks...besides what i have which is colors blood n blood out american me donnie brasco goodfellas ronin casino bronx tale menace 2 society boyz in da hood animal lockdown
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    am i the only one who looks at hus differently now

    man ever since awax droppin that mixtape i aint looked at the hus the same way i used to..i beleive awax cuz dude spit nothin but treal facts and when the husla tryed 2 diss him back it was nothin but punchlines and threats nigga aint proved hisself not being a snitch yet..and that pic ,come on...
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    any new shit?

    sup game insane folkers what new shit yall got droppin mane
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    didnt know there was 2 awax rappers
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    whatever happened to hatchet?

    last i heard his runners snitched him out to the feds. i remember dude used to fuck with messy marv,tnutty,ap9 and them. any info on the homie?
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    just wasted 16.99 on mac malls new cd

    man whats really going spending hard earned bread on these wack ass fuckin thizz cds mane..i keep getting suckered in by these fuckin album covers..the covers tight as fuck but come on man are you guys tryin to save the earth with these recycled tracks fuck....i feel like the african from...
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    having to take shits in public places..

    man i hate when i get that feelin after smokin hella then eatin burger king smoke another blunt and go to mall and you hear your stomach erupting and shit...happened 2 me yesterday and i hate takin shits in public places cuz muthafuckas be pissen all on the seat u know how them restrooms...
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    ced singleton

    wheres this man at?he still in sac duckin lynch?
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    smigg and awax..armed wit hammers

    coop or rocc pitch this idea to them niggaz mane..for the intro of that album they use the skit from menace "awax was older than the rest of he was what we called a g,always arguin ,fussin ,instigating,he did dirt for so long he like to watch other people do dirt(instead of o dogg have it say...