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  1. trueblue25

    what song is this?

    Does anyone know the name of the song in Belly that is played when the feds raid the nebraska trap house?
  2. trueblue25

    yukmouth interview hahah he says cuz a bunch of times then says blood lol
  3. trueblue25

    what song is this

    I dont remember how it goes that well but its by luni coleone and he says something about overdosing on thizz. Anyone know what song im talkin bout?
  4. trueblue25

    does anyone else find this wierd. lol it says they are from gale blocc anyone ever heard of that?....lil wayne is number 1 on they friends list.
  5. trueblue25

    C-Bo Money to burn

    That shits fire cuzz. Specially the song he did wit sean paul.
  6. trueblue25

    emperor p

    Any on yall heard of emperor p?
  7. trueblue25

    state 2 state

    What yall think bout that t-nutty state 2 state cd?