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    Survival Tips

    Don't waste your money on College when a library card is free.
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    TERMINATOR: DARK FATE Trailer Released

    haven't read anything good about it.
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    HORror / Scary Movies

    hearing positive reviews for The lighthouse
  4. TrEmEnDo InDo

    HORror / Scary Movies

    Any 2019 updates? i kinda liked midsommar. It didn’t quite live up to the hype still. Candy man still holds up well. Lake mungo has good acting.
  5. TrEmEnDo InDo

    remember Mike Posner?

    Back in the early 2000's did some hooks for rappers had some pop songs... Homeboy can rap. Has a mixtape DJ PREMIER Beat seems to help lol...
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    Cutty B. Spooky (sounds like the siccness)

    Definitely reminds me of the music that inspired this website.
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    Top 5 DPG albums?

    Doggystyle and Dogg food are so many levels above the rest. You could take the various soundtrack/compilation songs to make a holy trinity. “Who got some gangsta” is the quintessential dogg pound SONG for me. A top 5 is debatable Dogg pound 2002 Dillinger and young gotti Dead man walking...
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    Reminiscing on the Siccmade Muzicc years.

    Haha Napster. You got that right. I got the tan cover head drama from some one on here (probably Codeine) and that shit made me feel like a real hip hop head getting an internet exclusive a year before it was ever released for real. P-Folks was probably my favorite Siccmade affiliated album...
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    They’re both good, but Troubled mind over takin no shortz is still the right choice to me.
  10. TrEmEnDo InDo


    I’m going to say southern rap is really not you’re thing. Cuz this fuckin Im clownin. I still think it’s cool you making these lists. I could talk rap all damn day. The south has some rappers though, this deserves a re-do.
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    Xzibit in top 5 is undeniably an issue. He’s a top caliber mc no doubt. But outside of just skill there’s not another criterion he dominates that earns him that spot. B-real is clearly the number 5 spot. Hutch and frost coming close behind that. I don’t have a problem with ice t, or mc eiht...
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    New A-Wax album Demonz N My Bleep Sept 2019

    A-Wax and Kevin Gates in the same month? Im up.
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    Im no JEezy fan but this Thug Motivation 4...

    Harder than a bitch....
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    Dave Chappelle Netflix Standup Comedy Special Trailer | Sticks & Stones (8/26)

    i liked it. Insightful shit, funny stories, pop culture observations. He was a lot looser than on the last specials. Letting nuts hang now. The gun control / mass shooter commentary was my favorite shit.
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    Shad Viciouz "Shadow" Based on True Story (Changed Name) Album low volume quality????

    Artists want to experiment and take a different route / approach to keep THEMSELVES interested. The art needs to feel fresh and challenging, and relevant to the moment they're living in, and therefore worth the time and money they spend. Creativity is somewhat of fragile thing in that way...