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    yeah fixed flow
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    dope but too short
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    New A-Wax album Demonz N My Bleep drops 12/10

    dope album fo sho better than the last one
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    Ap-9 last 3 albums

    dopenesssss, quality projects all the time!
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    Joe Blow - Hustle For My Last Name 3

    all them HFMLN parts sucks...i mean they could be good but with proper mixing n mastering lol...
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    New A-Wax album Demonz N My Bleep drops 12/10

    and thats why i dont like part 2...
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    Joe Blow - Been Through Alot

    dope track but this mixing an mastering is killin me...uhh...
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    Mess - Elegant Project Murdah

    lmaoo yall smacked out like Mess ...this shit is fuckin weak..
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    Street Knowledge - Ice Cold Mack (Album Stream)

    21 songs who does that these days...SK solid..
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    The Tonite Show With Nas Escobar

    lmao but you got weak tonite show with raekwon instead
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    A-Wax - Mausoleum (Music Video)

    yeah but that sucka side remix fire tooo
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    Lil Blood - I'm Mobbin' (Official Video)

    if blood is wack what about AJ lol
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    Philthy Rich x CML - Set Trippin (Video)

    klick in here, funkin wit me, nigga stop it.....if u wanna hear CML with dope lyrics u need to check out VA Gangsta compilations...from Omina laboratories...