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  1. The Remedy

    Anybody Got Sean Deez Contact Info?

    Lookin to network and do some tracks with Sean Deez. anybody know how to reach him?
  2. The Remedy

    Lookin For That So Cal Connect!

    Whats good? I'm a rapper from the Bay Area Nor Cal lookin to link up and network with some so cal artists. I believe in a unification of the west coast, we all from cali ya dig? I am doin free verses and shit, So hit me up if you're down to network, producers and rappers, promoters, etc. heres...
  3. The Remedy

    Rem's A Jerk

    Haha so many people hate this song but sorry i had to lay down a lil something. its a hit i wont deny it
  4. The Remedy

    Windin On Me - Tooknown & Freddy Fresh (Ft. The Remedy)

    My second official feature, on the homie Tooknown and Freddy Fresh's mixtape 10 items or less! I'm on that second verse, peep and reply
  5. The Remedy


    I am looking for all artists that live in these cities Campbell Cupertino Gilroy Los Gatos Milpitas Monte Sereno Morgan Hill Saratoga Sunnyvale I am putting together a remix for one of my songs that has to be an artist from each city. So either relpy to this message or message me on...
  6. The Remedy

    Free Verses

    I am trying to expand my network and get on as much projects as possible before I drop my debut mixtape. Check the space for my songs and if you like how I sound hit me up!
  7. The Remedy

    Last Of A Dying Breed (Ft. Stik Gilatine) - The Remedy

    This is the cd quality mastered version! peep!
  8. The Remedy

    Last Of A Dying Breed (Ft. Stik Gilatine) - The Remedy

    My newest track with the homie Stik Gila! my first couple bars of my verse kinda off but they pick up! Enjoy and comment
  9. The Remedy

    The Remedy - Cannon (Snippet)

    First leak from my debut mixtape Hope Y'all enjoy!!!!!!!!!! Leave Feedback whether its love or hate I wanna see it!
  10. The Remedy

    Shout Out To Playa Rae & 408Inc.!

    Thnx for puttin my music up on teal town radio and my track with 2 Left Feet up on the music promo! I will continue to keep makin tracks and supplying the 408 with new heat!
  11. The Remedy

    Vid's Of My Tracks On Youtube!

    Hold Yo Stack Up (Ft. 2 Left Feet) <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  12. The Remedy

    The Remedy

    Whats Good Siccness? I'm The Remedy reppin Santa Clara (408). I have been steadily preppin my debut mixtape "Wake The Game Up" Mixed by DJ UnReal I also recently had an interview with Florida's own Tooknown! Check it out here...
  13. The Remedy

    DJ UnReal - Summer Of Love (Remix) (Ft. V.A)

    Here is my first official album feature. Florida's own DJ UnReal brings you his next single off UnRealism/UnRealistic DJ UnReal Ft. The Remedy (Me), GC, J.Dog, Spyda, Freshboy & BizNiz Kid I had the privilege of opening this song up after the Rick Ross drop. Lemme know whatchu think of my...
  14. The Remedy

    The Remedy - Hold Yo Stack Up (Ft. 2 Left Feet)

    Me and my dude 2 Left had to go in and make this track even hotter! Lemme know whatchu think of me (First verse)