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    C~Bo,Killa Tay,Pizzo,Lunasicc,Marvaless DVD 4 Sale

    has 9 music videos & interviews with C~Bo & his homiez...i done ripped me a dvd copy so tha OG is up 4 grabz...$15 and it's yours...that price includes 1st Class Priority shipping & Delivery me at [email protected] if ya want it
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    DENVER BRONCOS vs kansas city qweefs

    iT'z Goin DoWn reAl biG in D~ToWn This sunDAy!bronCos GonnA smAsh on ThA qWeefs from k.C. and breAk eDDie kenisons leG!fuCkin lil TriCk...Then mAybe he Will leArn noT To run his mouTh AbouT Tha DenvA Den! BRONCOS 23 qWeefs 14
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    Denver Artist Update:

    posT up some mp3's of ThAT neW TWizz loc!!!
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    Monday Nite...~Broncos~

    Bare Witness you gAy-der fans........Weeee Cummin 4 ya'll Dumb'azz'z!!!
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    NEW NYKE LOC.....

    you heard wrong vato loco...shits bumpin!!!
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    How's that Julox album?

    JuloX here's a couple mp3's from his new and judge fo yoself...
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    Aurora / Denver

    R~i~P Carl Banks
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    JulOX ~CYCO~

    C'mon 4's...U knoW DenvA got ThA boMb!!!shooT Me A e~MAil AnD i'll shooT yA suM TrACks on DA Mp3 Tip [email protected]
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    Playa 1000?

    most of plAyA 1000 songs suck...but his boys S~T~P are cold as fuck!!!all dey tracks R sTr8 bumpin!!!
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    $~rare Denver tape!~$ ~RIP Carl Banks~
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    ~$rare TULSA tape!$~
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    JulOX ~CYCO~

    yuuup...18 new tracks & 12 old tracks ~D$ToWn SHiit~