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    Help identify this song

    Thanks for the help I found it
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    G-Macc Vampire?

    I just found this on an old HDD. I remember paying venom for a link back in the days, but the rip I have is only 160kbs mp3. Did this ever drop in any better quality? 160kbs was pretty primitive even 8-9 years ago, and it ruins the album being so lossy. Help?
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    Help identify this song

    I wanna say this cut dropped around 2010. The hook goes something like "I go stupid, go dummy everyday, east oakland nigga we don't play" "yadda I mean Yee yee" Who knows that song? Thanks folks
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    916 various drops thread

    Found these laying around my HDD... More to come... Hystables & Zigg Zagg (2014) Coming Off That High (WEB) [320] Hystables (1997) Sac-A-Indo [128] Hystables (2011) The Early Years (1993-1995) [256] Loc2DaBrain (2015) Asylum EP (WEB) [320] Wish there was a better rip of Sac-A-Indo around...
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    Old Sicc Shop CD releases

    Is there anyway to purchase old sicc shop cd's ? I am wanting to get some old Suga Free, and Goldie Loc cd's that are no longer in the shop listing
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    Luniz Reunion on Stage

    This has been out for a minute, kind of surprised it has not been posted on here yet... There is a full Luniz Reunion concert in Santa Cruz since Numskull was released: watch?v=AfOVzGqer_U&x-yt-ts=1422327029&x-yt-cl=84838260#t=476
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    Social Distortion / Mike Ness... Other bands like?

    If you have not listened to Mike Ness and Social Distortion, I recommend you check them out. I respect the punk roots, but I am more of a fan of the later stuff. White light, white heat, white trash Somewhere between heaven and hell And Mike Ness solo albums. I gotta say that this is my...
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    New C-Bo Album - Dope

    Came across this digital release from 2 days ago you can listen to the whole album in full. I AM GANGSTA RAP | c-bo So far this slaps. I only had skim through 1 song. ( The Message Feat. Killa Tay). Features Mississippi, Killa Tay, Outlawz, Young Buck, Kokane, Hoodstarz, The realest...
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    What artists from the Golden Age are still bringin it?

    I cant stand Most of this stuff from the new generation. Sadly no matter what the region is, most of the rappers us old guys grew up on are washed up. So, who from the 90s and 2000s has put out a classic album in the past 5 years?
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    Brotha Lynch Hung Productions

    Does he produce anymore? What was the last songs he did himself? Other than that song from DAAM?
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    Who has DAAM in constant rotations still?

    I think I have played it once in about three months. Whats everyone final thoughts on this album now that its been out almost a year?
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    Uthanizm II ?

    Where can I get this? I missed the download, can someone upload it? Much thanks in advance!
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    Zagg dissin lynch - get out da way

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    Man that shit is dope. I cracked that and dinner and a movie back to back twice. Now Im crackin that Old Suspicion album. But Yea. VAMPIRE is dope as fuck. I didnt even think I liked rap anymore!
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    No Love Features

    What all has dude been featured on? Is there a list of all his stuff floating around? I wanna make a mixtape until his album drops.