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    New One

    I was feelin that shit ... until about 45 seconds in where she started rapping. About her hella tattoos, from her collarbone to her chuck taylor shoes. White hipster chicks rapping about street shit, (or just rapping in general) is a major turn-off for me.
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    in my projects!!!!
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    Smigg Dirtee - So Clean (new video?)

    I've never seen this video or heard this track before. I dont think its been posted yet either. Check it out.
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    Question about The Jacka - "Addiction" Does anyone know what that chick is saying in the background or what original song it was sampled from. something like "where ever you are..... da da da da......daaa daaaa de" lol always been curious. Dig this song. Thanks.
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    FUN.... FUCK U NIGGAZ......NEW K.O.D. extra TRACK

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    Sum Dem Murda- Tech and Yuk

    Dont Post Links To Projects That Bring The Artist Money!!!
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    Has Redhead Steve come out with anything else besides REDRUM???

    That is one of my favorite rap cd's from the intro to the end....and I havent heard one song since it came out 5+ years ago. Did I miss something? Or is that it? Please post links to any shit put out by or featuring REDHEAD motherfuckin STEVE-O. :cool:
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    Hollow Tip song queation

    Hollow Tip Question: What's the name of that Hollow Tip song from back in the day.... it starts of like, "Pimpin aint easy, everybody knows, work that bitch clown that ho..." and then it goes "Mackin aint easy, everbody knows....." Almost positive its hollow tip... someones gotta know...
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    Andre Nickatina and Soulja Boy.... in concert... What the fuck?

    from SPECIAL SHOW SOULJA BOY, ANDRE NICKATINA THURSDAY - MAY 14 2009 SAN JOSE, CA SAN JOSE CIVIC AUDITORIUM 135 W. SAN CARLOS STREET ALL AGES What is the world coming 2? Verrrrry disapointed. The croud is gonna be all 13 year olds. Nickatina has fallen the fuck...
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    Weekend Wars, Love Always Remains, & Time 2 Pretend, Pieces of What are my favs... or just hop on limewire and download the most popular songs that come up. Always a good way to check out new bands.
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    Who's Dope Live ?

    Tech N9ne. Nickatina is NOT dope live. He stands there and raps his songs. His songs are sicc. But what is exciting or dope about his concert/performance? Seen him twice, only went the second time cuz he was opening for "that psycho you all know and love, my nigga, TECH N9NE!" Killswitch Engage...