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    Overdoze Holla @ me

    Yo Doze I'm trying to holla at you for some work I need done. The Bandits said that you are the shit, so I wanna talk 2 u.
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    Congrats to the MSB!!!

    I would like to give BIG props to Bird & Dusty!! All your hard work has paid off!! I hope you guys sell a million!!!
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    Who's the best producer in HipHop?

    Here's my list: 1. Neptunes 2. Jon Conner 3. Ciph 4. DJ Premier 5. Timberland
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    Hellaware Records presents : (Coming soon!!!)

    Peep out Hellaware Records artist Illson on his own site
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    Keep working!!

    It will come cause you guys worked for it!
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    Moses Media Inc. Services

    If you are looking for radio airplay & looking to be heard by 16 of the top 20 stations in America check out what Don "D.C. Cody Sr. & his people can do for you. With over 25 years of experience in the radio business, how can you go wrong? check the site & you won't be disappointed. Peace Steve...
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    Hellaware Records looking for songs for their new mixtape!

    Anyone interested to be heard on the East coast hit me up! Gotta Take the best songs to represent the West coast! peace Steve C.
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    C.W.B. dvd coming soon!

    The new Cracy White Boy dvd will be here real soon. The powers to be are working on the footage as we speak. A little more editing & its on!! Stay tuned for updates. Peace Steve C.
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    Whens the new one going to drop??????????

    Just wondering when one of the best west coast album going to hit the streets??????????
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    "White Boys Can't Rap" tour postponed until further notice!

    I have been informed that the CWB tour will happen, just not sure when. As i find information out I will post it. Interscope is being tough on Bubba Sparxxx, so we will get the dates later. The tour will include the MSB, so don't worry. [email protected] Steve C.
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    I need some mixtape spots for the MSB & Jon Conner

    We are trying to get on as many mixtapes as possible. So if you want to holla back at me. Let me know what the deal is Cent. Valley! Bay area! Nor. Cal, So Cal. EVEYONE!!!!:confused:
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    C.W.B. (Crazy White Boys)- HayStak adds a new member

    The best group of white rappers the C.W.B. (Crazy White Boys) have added to their arsenal : Jon Conner (Hellaware Records)! J.C. joins HayStak (DefJam), Lexx, Stumpdog, David Ray, DJ Dev, & Bubba Sparxxx(BeatClub)