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    Let Me Make You a Martyr

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    Dave East

    VusA0pBk8IU Dave East - Black Rose - NoDJ
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    Random Album/Song upload thread

    Tuxedo -
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    Big Krit Official Thread

    His best album yet..
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    RIP Casey Casem

    RIP vato
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    ILLFIGHTYOU/Sandlot's Dugout

    First Hill breh
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    I havent seen his name mentioned on here... I heard the first track over the radio on the way home, caught my attention. HOXmELcrXg0 TMcUKX9kf9A Ar1KEGyaSjg
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    Magna Carta Holy Grail

    B--ZARCwSIE :paranoid:
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    Instrumental albums // Beat Tapes

    mr. carmack Just found out about this dude from Hawaii. The kids got some serious shit if youre into that trap edm stuff.
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    Nardwuar vs.
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    That new Nas track... I seriously cant stop slappin this...
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    Big Krit Official Thread

    Smooth player shit... I was just bumping "KRIT wuz here" not too long ago. Im glad he's coming out with new material
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    Willie The Kid...

    Raw ass mixtape
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    city nights

    Forgot to comment on this nice mix you put together. This is good especially because I drive around at night by myself when I just wanna get away. You familiar with any of these artists breh? qsUCOPQQqek 6f5_KV0-a2k
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    Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

    coo.. he killed those two beats