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    A-Wax x Smigg Dirtee - BAD Newz : The Lost Tapes (Album Stream)

    Yo was randomly going down the Apple Music rabbit hole and landed on Smigg’s page and I see they finally dropped this thing a month ago - and it’s a fucking banger! That mid 2000 Wax (which to me was really his tightest raps) and Smigg is spitting. Damn it brought me back before the auto tune...
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    Key Loom arrested

    he bout to sit down for a while. hope he can keep up with those prison work outs.
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    I am happy for X. Glad he is out - and hopefully living a good life and making a good living. He has paid his due to society. In term of his music, it is not really connecting with me - which is totally fine! No rapper over of the age of 35 really connects me as I think it is a young mans game...
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    Uzzy Marcus brother killed 2 girls

    I saw the first 10 seconds of it and turned it off immediately. Girls were underage. Sickening. Dude had to be methed out. He looked like it.
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    A-Wax - Diamond Pendants & Charges Pending [Album Stream]

    Thats dope! Glad to hear Wax is getting his money and growing his fanbase! If anybody deserves the credit, he does! His body of work should be recognized with the all time greats of Bay rap! Will forever be a fan of his older work. There is still some new songs he has out that I fuck with...
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    A-Wax - Diamond Pendants & Charges Pending [Album Stream]

    Yup! I stopped really checking for Wax an album or two after Pullin Strings vol. 1. It was a noticeable drop in quality after the break-up w/ Nonstop. No disrespect and I will always root for Wax - but the music just isnt there for me anymore. Hasnt been for a while. Few really good songs...
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    The dude still has Bris’ rat tail....🤦🏻‍♂️. Straight weird-o shit. Like, how’d you even sneak that into prison?? I know how - and that’s weird-O! Dude singing his lyrics and shit. On some psycho shit. pulls the rat tail out around 2:07 mark.
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    Brotha Lynch Hung - Slam

    Sounds like you heavy on the internet every single day.
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    Brotha Lynch Hung - Slam

    That is 100% serious right there. I know for me personally, I haven't checked out a BLH release since Dinner and a Movie - I knew right then and there it was over. Really kind of felt that way on Lynch by Inch - but tried to give him the benefit of the doubt since it was his first album with...
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    Covid-19 vaccine who is taking the jab? LOL

    Still Hustlin living every minute of his life on the net.
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    Stockton Rap Scene

    Streets are hot in Stockton.
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    Still Hustlin on the internet everyday............
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    Twitter IPO / Who Buyin?

    THe housing crash was caused by Billy Clinton who had Freddie and Fannie relax their underwriting criteria which fueled demand from unqualified borrowers. "Everyone should own a home" - LOL. Under Clinton’s Housing and Urban Development (HUD) secretary, Andrew Cuomo, Community Reinvestment Act...
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    Stockton Rap Scene

    Them Sutter St Crips making noise. RIP CTM.