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    Mozzy - I'll Never Tell Em Shit (Official Video)

    In my opinion - Mozzy has different style of raps. He has been using his slower flow style of raps on recent music, and I am not a fan of that style at all. Free Yatta 2, New Era New King, Bladadah, etc - those are all tracks where he uses a faster tempo style - and he typically flames the...
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    New A-Wax album Demonz N My Bleep Sept 2019

    Too bad he soured the relationship with Nonstop. Wax's music hasnt been the same since Pullin Strings.
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    Dubee - So Crest Side Challenge [Video]

    Super dope. Dubee still got it! A lot better than some of these rappers who have been in the game 20+ years.
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    Mess - Elegant Project Murdah

    He ruined a lot of track with the repetition of "nigga". He dropped "nigga" no less than 1,000 times on 10 tracks.
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    Uzzy Marcus – 7.62’s (Official Music Video)

    Heat! I enjoyed his first project....this is a step up from that.
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    X-Raided - California Dreamin (Album Stream)

    Anyone who thought that X, in his mid 40s, after 25+ years in prison, was going to come out and set the rap scene on fire is delusional. What dude in his mid 40s is on top of rap? Or ever has been? e-40 probably one of the only ones - and even his new material aint hittin like it used to. I...
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    Finally found some website that had some case transcripts. Sentenced to 12 years back in April 2017 with credit for time served of like 217 days. Probably wont be out until 2029 or maybe sometime before that.
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    Wow......all those people and kids around. Wild. Tried googling to see how many years he got. Couldnt find anything.
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    Getting up on dude - and even though he is locked, he is spitting bars! Not sure of what he was accused of - but is he coming home soon? Bay Area rap needs him.
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    Philthy vs. Mozzy official now.

    That Ayyyy track is probably the hardest record off that album.
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    Husalah x Mekanix - Buat My Money (Official Video)

    10 bricks and a few years. Where they do that at?
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    Philthy vs. Mozzy official now.

    All of this Funk or Die and aint nobody die / is it really that? Shit way too hard!