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    Ramirez Official Thread

    Ramirez and Fresh will mos def go
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    Whats up with Joe Blow?

    Yeah I used to like Blow but the quality of his recordings suck ass.
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    Oh I am? LMAO...................
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    Maybe he did its just not released. Thats one thing bout Lav he seem hella bi polar. I know he has hella unreleased shit and bragged he was gonna drop like 5 albums in 2020.
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    jacka merchandise for his estate problems (phantom merch)

    Whats her IG? I been looking for some sort of Jacka shirt. Found a few unofficial online but like dude who made this said Id rather support his fam.
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    Ramirez Official Thread

    G*59 records
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    Ramirez Official Thread

    To find his older stuff type his name like rvmirxz one of my favorites
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    Ramirez Official Thread

    As someone who has listened to him for the last 3-4 years I can say hes not an Ese Hes from Hunters Point and is signed to G*59 the Suicide Boyz label. Hes part of that like underground kind of sound cloud trend that Space Ghost Purpp first started like 10 years back where its all G Funk and...
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    Cash Money Lavish D ▪ Donald Oliver, Prince Dreda & Bank'd ENT.

    I see the same 2-3 dudes on like every CML video or related video talking shit. Like how much ur life suck to be that much of a hater?
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    Bay Area Show Me Some Love - New To But not new to the music Scene - Hella Videos And Albums

    Philthy Rich need one. Forgot who he said hit up. Was gonna go for it myself but Im lazy and IDK if I wanna do much music anymore
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    Philthy Rich talks Coronavirus, Mozzy Beef, spending 400k, New Album, being shot, Thizzler, and more

    LOL I got what u mean...............It was almost everyday we were hearing sub disses or songs between camps for like a month or so..............then it just ......................... not saying anyone should have been killed or any peace treaty but shit just............ended...
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    Free A-Wax!!

    Hope blood spill is on one the new releases
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    Free A-Wax!!

    Seems like hes releasing 2 new albums just hope they drop I HATE when rappers post covers and never drop shit CML has dropped like 6 covers recently and nothing