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  1. Shinichi


    i just made this mix over 2 hrs,
  2. Shinichi


    WestCoastBadBoyz, won a tape from chuey gomez on KMEL, and thats where it started, this is like the bible for bay area
  3. Shinichi

    new mix over 2 hours feat some sac and bay classics!!!!!
  4. Shinichi

    new mix over two hours of non stop classics - Reality Check Totally Insane - The Newz jt_the_bigga_figga - lost in a massacarade...
  5. Shinichi

    Dubee - So Crest Side Challenge [Video]

    ya maybe have him hook up w unda dogg, but def bring back the smooth stuff, hyphy stuff is not gonna last
  6. Shinichi

    B Legit ft Ocky Ock - Get Some Mo (Music Video)

    missing a nice synth line or some strings
  7. Shinichi


    strings coming in, i am like what, shit is tight already!! intro reminds me of beware of those e40 got the dope flow w this one!!
  8. Shinichi

    Spice 1 and Hooli Auto have a new album out‼️

    some prophecy shit w all these fires!
  9. Shinichi

    Laroo (Hitta Slim) - Highlight Reel (Video)

    beat sounds like somethin i heard b4 but llaroo makes it tight
  10. Shinichi

    Nicky/Lynch/Mac Dre show

  11. Shinichi

    San Quinn - The Re-Rock EP • Stream

    not bad i was expecting something i would barely listen 2, intro is good, this song though i found on the other EP!!
  12. Shinichi

    Dubee - So Crest Side Challenge [Video]

    bring back khayree
  13. Shinichi

    916 various drops thread

    i dont know how much the artists make but u can find them on spotify 2 stream or amazon the mp3s to buy!! or better yet bandcamp,