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  1. Shinichi

    Dubee - So Crest Side Challenge [Video]

    ya maybe have him hook up w unda dogg, but def bring back the smooth stuff, hyphy stuff is not gonna last
  2. Shinichi

    B Legit ft Ocky Ock - Get Some Mo (Music Video)

    missing a nice synth line or some strings
  3. Shinichi


    strings coming in, i am like what, shit is tight already!! intro reminds me of beware of those e40 got the dope flow w this one!!
  4. Shinichi

    Spice 1 and Hooli Auto have a new album out‼️

    some prophecy shit w all these fires!
  5. Shinichi

    Laroo (Hitta Slim) - Highlight Reel (Video)

    beat sounds like somethin i heard b4 but llaroo makes it tight
  6. Shinichi

    Nicky/Lynch/Mac Dre show

  7. Shinichi

    San Quinn - The Re-Rock EP • Stream

    not bad i was expecting something i would barely listen 2, intro is good, this song though i found on the other EP!!
  8. Shinichi

    Dubee - So Crest Side Challenge [Video]

    bring back khayree
  9. Shinichi

    916 various drops thread

    i dont know how much the artists make but u can find them on spotify 2 stream or amazon the mp3s to buy!! or better yet bandcamp,
  10. Shinichi

    cds/vinyl for $ale

    some rare stuff some dirt cheap stuff, save on shipping when ordering more than one cd or vinyl!!
  11. Shinichi

    Laroo THH ft. E-40 – HOG [Video]

    just when i was thinking it needed more cowbell, the cowbell kicked in!! but i think it needs more synth work melody shit going on
  12. Shinichi


    i remember winning the West coast bad boyz cassette tape on the radio from chuy gomez himself and bumped that almost daily to and from school that was like the bible for bay area rap for me!!!!! i had some other stuff before but that was the time everything coming out was gold!!!! before that i...
  13. Shinichi


    anyways i got a copy from his tour for $20 signed!