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    Brotha Lynch Hung - Slam

    I liked it more then anything since the new season
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    C-Bo x Hydrolic West x Killa Tay x 2Gunn Kev - Checcmate Remix

    C-bo been one of northern cali best for decades
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    Rapper AP9 Is Soft As A Tissue

    Ap9 whole catalog solid
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    Wtf happen to Thizz Latin

    Gangsta Flea had a few songs that went hard but after he got caught up I aint listen to no homeboy rap
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    Locksmith been flowing for decades
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    A-Wax Allegedly (album) out July 3rd

    A-wax got diffrent style and he stay current. I prefer his old shit as well. Realistically I wonder if "beef" with rappers increase sales. If so I'd "beef" with al my folks.
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    A-Wax x GMEBE BANDZ - 9 Outta 10

    Great song
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    Fury & Licwit - Liquid & Fury [HD]

    Licwit keep improving. I try to tell all my folks licwit make them old school hard beats. Bay vats need to fuc with him about getting some beats
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    Dopest Rappers from San Jose

    Best music i been hearing from sj been from some of the uso's out there
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    A-Wax Junior High to the Pen Vol. 1-2 CDs

    That burgundy van music was great album
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    It's the king mayne

    Malki got hustle and believe in himself. Much respect.
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    DB Tha General Thread

    That the best I heard from DB
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    J-Diggs x YSM Swole – Driving Wit My Knees

    Best shit I heard in a minute
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    One mo' gin hatalotti

    Askari x got new shit?
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    Awax 20+ years still doing good

    Siccness beef like the old days