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    The sun and moon is round so why cant the earth be round look at uranus its round too
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    Why does Gangsta Dre not get respect on the Siccness?

    Is he done with music? One of my favorite rappers
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    Hate on x raided

    I do talk to him. Some time on IG If i ask him direct he may think im trolling him lol he bout positive dont wanna shoot negtive at him ....
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    Hate on x raided

    I notice some people hating on raided always commenting about him being on PC. And calling him a snitch...does any one know why he went to pc?....i would guess Becuase he didnt want to fool around with the gang bullshit...i also seen the video where he.. did say who stabbed him so i guess that...
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    Messy Marv Vs J-Diggs ; Track Inside - Yukmouth, JT The Bigga Figga Chime In

    I just seen a video dont know how old it is...this dude looking for j diggs posting on social media with a gun searching for him retard. Asking some kids for j diggs lmao
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    What. Rymes No one should use any more?

    No more savage and cabbage lol
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    What. Rymes No one should use any more?

    Fuck or fuckin ...too much after every rhyme
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    What. Rymes No one should use any more?

    Keeping it.real Packing the steal Dropping bombs like Vietnam Mackin n stakin Etc keep it going
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    Brotha Lynch - Evil Doinz (single)

    Not one of his best but does beat his newer shit ....ebk4 and older albums are the best i hope he has lots of unrelased shit. From the past
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    One song

    If you show some one Who never heard lynch. What would be the first song you would show
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    Gangsta dre still active?

    I havent heard any thing new from him he had some talent last thing i heard he got hooked in meth then he started going to church... I hope to hear some new music from him
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    When is x raided new cd comming out sound like its gonna be good
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    Lynch muisc dont cut it no more

    I dont know why but i dont really like mozzy music to much maybe cuz im used to the old. Style.
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    New Bay Area site