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    Clyde Carson Thread

    Big name producers really don't impress me......I'd like to here some songs produced by Traxamillion, Bedrock, Jeffro, Droop-E, & Roblo on this album.....But that's just me tho'.....
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    Clyde Carson Thread

    Produced by Bedrock so it must be good......'Preciate it.......
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    Clyde Carson Thread

    Good stuff.....You prolly gotta' interview him again and ask what happened with "Bass Rock"......But keep up the good work......
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    Sounds good.....
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    Clyde Carson Thread

    Not really worth it at this point......Just drop the L.P. in the fall maybe a video or so and go from there.....
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    Clyde Carson Thread

    Why not just drop an LP and release it in a month or so???
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    Where is LAROO /Hitta Slim???

    Laroo is seriously the hardest working rapper in The Bay right now, nobody has made the quality of music he has and done as many videos as he has the last couple of years so there is no way to dispute this.......
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    Where is LAROO /Hitta Slim???

    Good song....Should be a pretty good video.....
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    Top Bay Area Songs of 08'-09'

    Here is my list for the top Bay Area songs of 2008-2009 (so far....). Since not too many project have dropped yet I could only compile a top 8 (in no particular order): Sann Quinn: "Double Dose of Gangsta"----From A Boy to a Man Guce/Jynx: "I Ain't Gone Lie"-----Base Rock Music The Boy Boy...
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    Where is LAROO /Hitta Slim???

    Good stuff.....
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    Young Chris "I'm Good" Produced by Droop-E

    They got the video up on worldstarhiphop and the track is pretty nice, video is coo' as well....I'd post a link but every time I do it gets deleted....
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    Ampichino Official Thread

    Good stuff....
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    And Just When You Thought Hyphy Was Dead

    The souf has brought it back with E40's blessing... Get Silly Remix Someone tell me this is old news and I'm just extra late....:(
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    Apple passes Wal-Mart, now #1 music retailer in US

    If I'm not mistaken "Other" seems to have the edge at 28%, and if they did some more research I'm sure "Free Download" would beat them all combined...