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    Niner News Thread

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    Niner News Thread

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    A-Wax - Call It What You Want (Husalah & Joe Blow Diss) [Music Video]

    Who said wax was with a group of people? All the video shows is 1 other person with wax. And how do you not see blow lookin like a puto when wax straight up says "yous a hoe bitch. I'm callin you a hoe nigga" and all blow says is "ight"
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    Niner News Thread

    3-0. First time since 98.
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    A-Wax - Call It What You Want (Husalah & Joe Blow Diss) [Music Video]

    Exactly. That's what most people dont understand. Everyone like they should be men and squash it. But no ain't no squashing shit.
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    A-Wax - Mausoleum (Music Video)

    I think this song dope. Beat and lyrics. Slaps in the whip to. "She know I ain't shit, same way I know she aint"
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    Niner News Thread

    Niners smashed today. Sucks Staley out for at least 8weeks with a broken fibula. Im going to be at the home opener next week against the steelers for my birthday. Yee cant wait. GO NINERS!!!!
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    NFL Thread

    Andrew luck retiring. Damn.
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    Official LA/Oakland/ Las Vegas Raiders Thread

    AB really contemplating retirement if he can't wear his old helmet :LOL::ROFLMAO:
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    A-Wax Foreign Exchange (Music Video)

    "Rest in peace Woodie still tied in with the 14s"
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    Several killed in shooting at Texas Walmart

    Another brazy white boy smh
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    Gilroy Garlic festival shot up

    Another crazy white boy shot up the festival and took out 3 people until cops took him out. Brazy how one of these mass shootings was close to home. Know a few people who were there and bounced out right before shots rang out. Lil 6yo one of the victims.